The earth belongs to everyone

Aid for animals and people

Terre pour Tous 


Terre pour Tous is a non governmental organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, founded by Susanne Hirschel, a physician, that felt that after so many years devoted to caring for people, it was time for a more comprehensive approach, time to lend her voice to those who cannot speak for themselves, time to defend the interests of beings who need our help as much as humans who are ill or suffering.

Sustainable coexistence of animals and people so that both can develop and prosper in harmony is our main goal.

We support the work of Claudine André, that is exemplary in this respect ( and


Our philosophy

Animals have as much the right to live on our planet as we do. But as long as people suffer, the suffering of animals comes second. Therefore we must look for means to alleviate the suffering of humans by making them benefit from the survival of animals rather than their death. 

Man endangers the animal, Man must help the animal. This is only fair and responsible. 

If we wait, it will be too late. If we wait for developing countries to become completely capable of protecting their biodiversity, it will be too late.  Many species, including the Bonobo will have gone for ever.

 Universal compassion for all living beings is the only basis for morality 

(Arthur Schopenhauer)